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The loss of our babies is devastating. We grieve for them, we long for them, and we struggle to find our way in the world without them. When they die, everything changes.

Beyond the loss of our precious babies, the person looking back at us in the mirror is a stranger. Life as we knew it no longer makes sense. It feels broken and confusing. The motherhood we expected, the one we planned for and joyfully anticipated has vanished, leaving behind empty arms and wounded hearts.

Who are we after our babies die?
What does it mean to be a mother without our babies to hold?
How do we make sense of the life when our babies have died?

The Life Without the Baby Journal guides us through questions and rituals designed and practiced to help grieving mothers navigate the strange, unfamiliar, and broken world of life after loss. Journaling exercises encourage mothers to grieve not just the loss of their babies, but also themselves, their expected motherhood, and the life they had planned. Rituals and thoughtful questions help open space to redefine and get to know the woman and mother they are now in the life they are living after loss.

Life will never be the same. We will always miss our babies.

Life can, however, be good again. This journal can help.

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