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Choosing to Feel Better

rollercoaster of lifeChange. It can be a doozy.

Ever feel like life can sweep in and pull your foundation out from under you?

That’s been my experience the last few days. There’s been shock and fear and grief and anger. Uncertainty, insecurity, and an achingly hurt under the grief and anger.

I’ve stumbled quite unexpectedly into a deep dive on the rollercoaster of life.

And I don’t like it.

As much as I am a free spirit, I do like having a few certainties in life. That’s not happening right now. (dammit.)

So, what’s a gal to do?

Well, after a couple days of allowing myself to experience and process the tumultuous emotions, I plugged back in.

I plugged back into the feelings I want to live my life by. Unrestricted joy. Freedom. Love. Connection. Trust.

Over and over, I’m asking myself.

Does this feel like freedom?
Does this feel like joy?
Does this feel like love?

Then if it doesn’t, how can I reconnect to that feeling?

The grief and fear and anger and hurt still come up. And I get to ask again,

Does this feel like freedom, joy, love, connection, trust?

Shifting my focus again and again and again.

It’s not easy. Not at all.

But it feels better. And I like feeling better, don’t you?

Feel better, beautifuls. No matter what.

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