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Connection by Disconnection

Connection by DisconnectionLast weekend I did something I haven’t done in at least a decade.

I shut down my phone, my iPad, and my computer for 3 days. Unplugged. Disconnected. Not in service.

For the first 12 hours or so, it felt like I’d lost an appendage or something. I kept looking for and reaching for them to “check in.”

Or, if I’m truly honest, to distract myself from the monkey brain going on in my head about all the changes in my life right now.

When I took my main tools of distraction away what I was left with was….me. (I wasn’t too thrilled with this at first! Not a bit.)

See, my brain had been hijacked by fear and uncertainty and insecurity and figuring-things-out-ness. It was like I’d lost myself in the chaos of unexpected change (again).


So, I disconnected to reconnect.

I cleared out some of the clutter and noise in my monkey brain so I could truly hear ME again. And after a couple days, I remembered.

No matter what it looks like around me, I’m ok. I always find a way to handle things. Things work out in the end. Change comes with uncertainty, yes, but also with possibility. I love possibility.

By the time I plugged back in, I felt connected again.

So how about you? How do you reconnect with your inner, wise self? Spill the deets, please!

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