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Don’t Buy Into the Lies of Grief

don't buy into the lies of griefDon’t buy into the lies of grief.

Grief is a wiley, slippery creature – full of lies and half-truths.

When grief crashes into our life, it whispers lies.

“You will always feel this way.”
“This pain will never ease.”
“Your life is doomed with darkness and pain and bitter sorrow.”
“You will never get away from me.”
“You alone feel this terrible pain.”


Seductive, tempting, devastating lies.

It’s true, there is loss and sorrow and tears and pain. Life will rarely go as planned.

However, in the midst of your grief, when you look upon the glossy, shining pictures that others present to the world and it seems that you alone are entrenched in this coffin of unending pain and darkness and desolation – remember, grief lies.

Behind every glossy picture portraying only joy and light and sweetness is a life that hasn’t gone as planned.

No one gets through life unscarred or unscathed.

We all bear the marks of warriors – survivors of devastation and loss and sorrow in all its various forms. In time, grief marks us all.

No, life rarely goes as planned for anyone. It is a winding road of contradiction: light and shadows, laughter and sorrow, faith and doubt, adventure and insecurity, success and failure, love and loss.

Life will fall apart. It does for everyone. In those moments, grief lies. Grief tells us we will be left in pieces and parts for all of eternity. It whispers of never-ending pain and tears.

But grief lies.

We will stitch ourselves back together with threads of fierceness, love, bravery, unshakable optimism, and sheer stubbornness. Light will punch through the black and dark. Love will fill the gaps of loss. Sprouts of life will poke through the desolate, barren landscape.

We are all a beautiful mess, stitched back together from the chaos.

Don’t buy into the lies of grief.

You are a beautiful mess of contradictions. It is what makes you alive.


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