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Drama Queen Doer Brain and Hermit Days

Hermit TimeEach week I send out a “Love Note” email on Wednesdays. (Want in? Click here.) It’s part of the usual routine. Each Tuesday is writing day and I get it written and ready to go out at 6am Wednesday morning. This week’s love note was late.  I sat down to write it 3 different times Tuesday and Wednesday….and dozed off all 3 times!

I’ve been running on fumes lately. It’s been a couple of months of way more people time than usual, lots of Invisible Mothers interviews, an increase in networking and marketing, lots of busyness and projects plus a trip to see family that included two 20+ hour drives, lots of noise, and water sports. All in addition to my usual life activities.

I’m getting really tired to saying “I’m tired” lately….but I’m tired. Worn out. Kaput.

I don’t necessarily want to give up all the awesomeness and activity that’s been going on because it’s all good stuff that I want to do. I just have to remember to allow myself to take more of my hermit time – days where I don’t have anything scheduled or planned and don’t have to see or talk to people if I don’t want to. Days to just breathe and be.

Hermit days are essential to my sanity and my health. I don’t function well without regular hermit days and I know that I’m well past due for some quality, extended hermit time.

And as much as my doer brain fears it sometimes, taking a day or two to just to be will not bring my life or my business crashing down. Even though I’m excited about all the awesome stuff I’ve been working on, I’ve also been caught up in a cycle of doing doing doing and being afraid of stopping because OMG what if all this awesomeness goes away if I do?? (My doer brain is kind of a big drama queen!)

So, today, I’m reassessing my schedule and looking at blocking some time off and seeing what I can reshuffle to take some time to take care of myself. Finding some time to recharge and refill so that I can bring the best of myself to my work and my projects and the people in my life.

Because my friends, my family, my clients, the people in my world, and most importantly, myself, deserve me at my best.

How about you? Anything you are doing or not doing that you know you need to be at your best? Do tell, beautifuls.

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