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Grief: Heavy or Powerful?

heavy griefGrief can be a profound and complex mixture of emotions.  Powerful.  Intense. Disorienting.

It doesn’t, however, have to be heavy.

Clients tell me sometimes that grief feels heavy.  That they feel weighed down, buried or smothered by the heaviness of grief.

Grief is powerful – it’s very nature if transformative and expansive.

Heavy grief, on the other hand, is often a sign of resisting the emotions of grief.  When we resist these emotions – sadness, anger, regret, guilt, relief (just to name a few) – grief becomes heavy and burdensome.

When we allow grief and all it’s accompanying emotions without judgement, when we let these emotions roll over and through us, grief is powerful but not heavy.

Grief will change you, there’s no real way around that.  But don’t let it weight you down or burden you.  Let it power you.

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