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Gutsy Self-Care

gutsy self careAnyone who tells you self-care is all sunshine and daisies is full of shit.

In my opinion anyway ūüôā

Self-care can be gentle and sweet, of course. ¬†It’s doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. ¬†An afternoon nap. ¬†Smoothing on your favorite lotion. Laughing with a friend. Taking 30 seconds just to lean back and breathe.

And, being deeply committed to self-care?  Making it a priority in your life Рno matter what?

That takes guts. And a hellava lot of discipline!

Self-care has been a priority for me, and a constant challenge and balancing act, for the last year or so. ¬†I’ve worked hard at it. ¬†Really freakin’ hard. ¬†I just returned from a 2-week vacation that was a much needed break and self-care venture after I left my day job to be fully invested in my business.

Logically and financially this trip didn’t make any sense. ¬†And, boy, were those nay-saying voices up for me throughout the trip! ¬†Some of the trip was easy. ¬†Long walks and hikes with no time limits. ¬†Lots of journaling and writing. ¬†Reading for hours. ¬†Exploring new cities and states. ¬†Meeting and spending time with friends.

The rest of it, though? Not so much sunshine and daisies.

Crying by my campfire. ¬†Making myself sit the fuck down and feel the crazy emotions of grief and change roll through me – fear, anxiety, sadness, doubt, disappointment, anger – instead of resisting or judging them. ¬†Spending hours and hours alone and having no distractions left to use to avoid the inner stuff I’ve been running form.

Self-care isn’t always about what we want. ¬†It’s about what we need. And sometimes, in the moment, that doesn’t always feel so great.

It’s about getting up and going for that hike when I want to just curl up and hide in bed. ¬†It’s about cooking real food instead of just grabbing Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy for lunch. It’s about picking up the phone to call someone to help me unwind the jabbering thoughts in my head. It’s about feeling whatever I feel until it moves through and I can move on.

Sometimes, what I know is best to truly care for and nurture myself feels painful and uncomfortable in the moment.  Sometimes it takes every ounce of courage and discipline I have to follow through with real self-care.

This holds true whether I’m on vacation and burnout banishment excursion – or back home living my daily life. ¬†I’d even say it’s more true in the normal, day-to-day.

Committing to self-care and loving myself is courageous.  Following through with that commitment is gutsy and requires a lot of discipline.

Self-care might not always be sunshine and daisies…but, to use an old cliche, after the storms come the rainbows. ¬†The sunshine always returns. ¬†And, you know, if you’re really committed to self-care, you won’t need that pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

You’ll already be golden ūüėČ

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