To all my beautiful mothers who have lost their baby or babies, this is what I want you to know:

  • You are allowed to grieve and mourn your baby, no matter the circumstances or how uncomfortable it makes others
  • You are allowed to heal in your own unique way, regardless of whatever timelines or stages others try to place on you
  • You are allowed to claim your title and role as mother
  • You are allowed to honor your baby however you choose
  • You are allowed to name your baby and count them as part of your family
  • You are allowed to say NO to baby showers, birthday parties, holidays, and more to care for your needs
  • You are allowed to let go of those who cannot or will not support you in the way you need
  • You are allowed to remember and love your baby, always.
  • You are allowed to talk about your baby, your birth story, and your pregnancy
  • You are allowed to be the new you without apology
  • You are allowed to feel however you feel and let that be ok
  • You are allowed to do, say, and be whatever you need to do, say, or be on your journey

I also want you to remember:

  • You deserve love and support for however long it takes to heal
  • You deserve recognition and acknowledgement of your motherhood
  • You deserved to be honored and celebrated as the mother you are
  • You deserve comfort and kindness from those around you
  • You deserve time and space to heal as you need to
  • You deserve to be heard and to share your experience of motherhood and love
  • You deserve to mourn the old you and your old life, without apology.
  • You deserve to learn to love the new you and your new life, without apology or guilt
  • You deserve to feel joy and peace and alive again
  • You deserve to love, always
  • You deserve to say YES to life again
  • You deserve to both miss your baby and be happy again

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