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Leaps of Faith and Indiana Jones

Do you remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy has to “take a leap of faith” and step into seeming nothingness in order to cross a cavern – only to find the floor was absolutely solid but invisible? (If you haven’t experienced the fun and adventure of Indiana Jones, well, that’s just….sad.)

I love that scene.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “leaps of faith” and the idea of knowing and trusting when there is no tangible, solid proof of what you know and trust.

See, I’m a somewhat paradoxical mix of both an incredibly “woo-woo,” highly intuitive, leap of faith kind of girl who also has a solid practical and need for tangibles side.

Those two pieces of me argue a lot. A LOT.

The arguing of these aspects of me can produce a lot of anxiety and mental chaos. Indecisiveness. Self-doubt. Exhaustion. An OMG-shut-the-hell-up-and-be-quiet kind of feeling.

That’s where I was last week.

I was in the process of making some decisions both personally and professionally. And, man, was I arguing with myself. So much so that when asked about it, I described the week as a week of emotional fuckery. Beh.

The thing is, I knew what I wanted….it’s just that all the things I wanted to choose were risks. Personally, professionally, financially. All risks. I had absolutely no guarantee that what I wanted would work out. I still don’t.

Yet I KNEW what I couldn’t know. I knew what was right for me. I knew which choices I had to make for me.

My practical side hated that. She argued for logic and caution and concrete proof and guarantees.

That scene, though, I just kept seeing that scene from Indiana Jones. A leap of faith. A trusting in what I knew even though I couldn’t possibly know. More than that, even though my choices didn’t appear practical or logical and there was no guarantee how it would work out, a faith that I could figure it out. That I would handle it – and that even if I fell on my leap of faith, I would figure it out.

Because leaps of faith ARE practical. Even the most practical, the most logical, the guaranteed aren’t actually guaranteed.

But betting on oneself, betting on the bigger part of us who knows what can’t be known – that’s the most practical leap of faith anyone can take.

So, I made my leaps. I bet on me. I’m still in mid-air and I have no guarantee that there will be a solid yet unseen floor to land on…but I’m betting there is. And if not, well, I guess I’ll learn to build a parachute on my way down 🙂

How about you? Any leaps of faith you want to take? Spill the beans, beautifuls.

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