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No More Apologies

I’ve noticed a trend lately in my life – with clients, with friends, and with myself.

Apologizing. Over-apologizing.

For what we want or need. For what we are doing. For being where we are in life. For who we are.

I caught myself doing it again today. I’ve been working on some inner personal stuff with my coach and during our session today I got hung up in a flood of shame and was really struggling not to just shut down. (See, lovely clients ‘o mine, I deal with this shit too!! hahaha.) Afterwards, I found myself sending her a text to apologize.

Then, right after I hit send, I found myself asking, “what the hell are you apologizing for?”

I was apologizing because my crazy making brain was telling me where, who, and what I was, wasn’t good enough. That I should have responded differently. That I shouldn’t have felt like I felt. That I shouldn’t have been who I was in that moment.

Fuck that.

I did the best I could in that moment. Obviously, I’m struggling with these particular issues or I wouldn’t be working with someone on them. I’m also working my arse off to move through them. Sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I fall flat on my face. Sometimes I just sit down and cry like a baby.

It doesn’t matter. No apologies needed.

I don’t have to apologize for being who I am, where I am, and what I’m doing. Neither do you.

Sometimes, other people don’t like what we do. That doesn’t make what we are doing wrong. Sometimes, other people don’t like who we are. That doesn’t make who we are wrong.

If someone doesn’t like who we are, where we are, or what we’re doing, they just aren’t our people. No right or wrong, no apologies needed, just not our people.

There is nothing wrong with you are.
There is nothing wrong with what you are doing.
There is nothing wrong with where you are in life.

Stop all the damn apologizing. (That goes for me too.) Because, really, your YOU-ness is what makes you awesome.

What do you need to stop apologizing for?

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