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Of course. It’s just change.

changeI’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.  I’m having trouble getting to sleep despite being very tired and then tossing and turning throughout the night.

Tonight, as I was once again trying to meditate myself to sleep and having conversations in my head about work and anxiety and communication difficulties currently happening in my life, I asked myself, “Seriously? Enough already. What’s really going on here?”


Oh yeah.  Did I mentioned I just recently set some major intentions for my life and am moving into making some big changes in both my personal and professional life?

No wonder I’ve been feeling increased anxiety, unsettledness, and uncertainty.  That’s normal.  That’s a part of the change process – I’m moving into unfamiliar territory and my (albeit, overactive) brain is scrambling to make sense of things.

I’m feeling exactly what I’m supposed to be feeling right now.  And, recognizing that, I can just relax and enjoy the process. Soon these changes will be my new familiar and my brain will settle down.  (Until I make another change, of course!).

And in the meantime, I will just – in the words of my friend, Davon –


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