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From Mother to Mother: On the Loss of a Child

From Mother to Mother: On the Loss of a Child


Surviving the loss of a child is an unbearable pain. Yet it is a pain that so many grieving mothers bear every day. The aftermath of child loss can be filled with grief, anguish, guilt, rage, fear, loneliness, and a terrible sense of failure. Mama, you are not alone. You did not fail. This was not the motherhood you had planned, yet it remains beautiful and filled with steadfast love.

In this book, dozens of mothers living without their precious children put their heart into words to share with other grieving mothers. Our hope is that in the darkest, loneliest hours of this life after loss, you will find some small comfort in the words of another mother who has been where you are now. When you feel alone, when you feel broken, when it feels too much to bear – reach for us and we will be there.

We are not failures. We are warriors.