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Red Flags and a Tight Ass

red_flagsAnxiety and fear.

That’s what’s been on my mind lately. They’ve been creeping more and more into my life lately. Know how I can tell?

My ass has been tight. Tight hips, tight ass, headaches.

These are my red flags for anxiety and fear. Tight hips. Tight ass. Headaches. When they start flaring up, it’s my signal to stop and take a look around. What’s up with me? What’s going on in my life?

Most importantly, what’s going on in my head?

When I let my thoughts run around unchecked, I wind up with a tight ass, tight hips, and headaches because my brain runs wild with anxiety and fear. Anxiety and fear are my default brain settings when I’m not paying attention.

Old patterns that don’t serve me. For others it’s depression. Anger. Control. Impulsiveness. Distraction.

When the red flags fly high, I do the external stuff. I stretch, get massage, rest, ibuprofen, etc. etc. But what works best is getting control of my thoughts because the root of the problem is my brain freaking out.

Freaking out about what ifs, not enough of this, too much of that, this is going wrong, that’s not working, expectations aren’t being met, and all around general mental chaos. It creeps up when I’m not paying attention.

Hence, creating tight ass, tight hips, and headaches. Red flags to pay attention. Red flags to remind me to pay attention to the right things – what’s going right, what is working, to what I have, what I’m creating, what expectations are being met or exceeded.

Taking back control of my brain. And then I can breathe again. The anxiety and fear ease, my hips and ass relax and the headaches fade.

How about you? What are your red flags? What are they asking you to pay attention to?

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