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The Lie of “I Don’t Know.”

i-dont-know“I don’t know,” she muttered in frustration.

I waited half a beat, looking silently at my client. She rolled her eyes and said, “yeah, yeah, I know. I do too know.”

And she did. A few seconds later she rattled of exactly what she wanted from her family and friends.

I very rarely accept the answer, “I don’t know” from my clients. Because very rarely do any of us not actually know our own answers – it’s just that sometimes we don’t like the answer that we get from ourselves!

In my experience, there are usually 2 reasons behind the excuse of “I don’t know.”

1. We don’t feel like the answer we get is possible

2. We don’t think we deserve whatever it is we want

Both of these reasons are a bunch of hooey. (That’s a highly clinical term, that there! 😉 )

The problem with “I don’t know” is that we still want whatever it is we think we can’t have or don’t deserve. The desire for it doesn’t disappear because we lie to ourselves with I don’t knows.

But you know what?

Having the courage to ask for what we want leads to amazing things. What we want is only impossible if we never ask.

True, if we ask for what we want, we might get a no. We could get disappointed.

But we might also get exactly what we want.

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