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“There’s a pony in here somewhere…”

pony here somewherePeople in my personal community have a funny saying for when they are going through challenging times:

“There must be a pony in here somewhere!”

Meaning: with all this shit piled up, there has to be a pony creating it. It’s our slightly oddball way of describing looking for the silver lining. 🙂

The last couple weeks, I’ve been saying that phrase to myself a lot. I truly believe that whatever hard and painful things happen in our lives, we have the capacity to make something good and meaningful out of them. Perhaps not in the moment or while standing in the midst of the shitpile – something good and meaningful can be made from painful events eventually.

I didn’t always believe that. At times in my life I’d have argued you til I was blue in the face that there was no such things as a silver lining. Looking back, however, I find it’s true – whatever painful and hard events I’ve lived through, I have eventually found a way to create something meaningful and good out of it.

So, these last couple weeks, while I’ve been wading through my own piles of shit, I’ve also been looking for my pretty pony.

It occurred to me that a number of times in my life, when I’ve been in the muck and mire of some emotional upheaval or event, that I would have loved to have someone completely unattached to the situation to call up and help me climb out of the shit pile and move forward again.

Not an intense counseling session or long drawn out discussion. Just a quick “here’s what’s up” and “I need some perspective. please” chat.

That’s when my pony showed up.

Because I can do that for people. I can be that loving yet objective person people can call to get some perspective and start moving forward again.

I do that already for my counseling clients – but not everyone needs counseling. (I know, I know, us counselors aren’t supposed to admit that…but it’s true!) Some people just need someone to occasionally give us fresh perspective and remind them of their own capability.

My pony showed up as another way for me to do my work. Another way for me to help others find their voice, be heard, be loved, and be valued. My pony became my new service – the “Out-of-the-Muck Booster Calls.”

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about my pony. It totally made shoveling all the shit these last weeks worth it!!

How about you? What ponies have shown up in your life?

And, seriously, if you’d like some help climbing out of the muck so you can find your pony, do get in touch! I’d love to lend a hand!

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