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To My Fellow Feelers

Dear Fellow Feelers,

2010-04-16 06.30.17You and I, we are emotional people. We feel and we feel deep and wide and intensely. We process the world through our emotional state. We make sense of life by reading what our emotions are telling us about it.

Sometimes those emotions surge through us so strongly it’s all we can do to remain upright and breathing.

Some of us cry easily and often – our release valve for those wild emotions rushing through us. Sometimes the emotions clog up our words and it takes us a minute to sort through it all enough to speak clearly.

We are sensitive beings – strongly guided by the emotions and sensations that move us each and every day.

This does not, however, means that we are not weak. We are not irrational. We are not incompetent. We are not impractical or stupid. We are not less than because we feel.

We are emotional and we are strong.
We feel deeply and we are rational.
We cry easily and we are competent.
We are sensitive and we are capable.
We are feelers and our thoughts and opinions are valuable.
We are emotionally expressive and our perceptions are valid.

Emotion is not less than logic.
Emotion is another form of logic.

Emotion does not equal less intelligent.
Emotion is another form of wisdom.

Don’t ever let anyone dismiss you or your knowing simply because you are an emotional being.

You are wise.
You are capable.
You are competent.
You are valuable.
You are trustworthy.
You are perceptive.
You are enough.

You are a feeler. You carry within you an ocean of depth and beauty.

Embrace the beauty of your rich, vibrant, wise, expressive, and sensitive self.

It is what makes you amazing.

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