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Change. Love. It’s all the same.

changeI’ve been thinking a lot about change lately. Playing with the ideas of what it is, how it happens, how we move through it.

Change. Loss. Transformation. Rebirth.

Different words. Different meanings. Yet all descriptions of the same process.

This certainly has been the year of change. For myself, definitely, and for many friends and clients as well. In some ways, my life – and myself – has changed so much this year I hardly recognize the me I was just a year ago.

It’s been an amazing year.

• I’m happier than I have ever been
• I’ve made and deepened relationships with friends I adore
• I found my way back to the profession I love and thought I’d left for good
• I brought financial stability back to my life
• I faced past losses and hurts and released them
• I’m about to move into a beautiful new home

That’s just a few examples from this year. What I find most amazing about this year however, is actually what I’ve learned about change.

Change comes with loss. In essence, they are the same. In order to embrace something new, something has to be released.

Change can be sudden and shocking or annoyingly slow. We can consciously choose change or unexpectedly be smacked upside the head by it. Sometimes we want it, other times it invites itself upon us. It can be easy or achingly painful. Sometimes we feel ready…and other times not so much.

I was ready for this year. I called it in. I demanded this transformation of my life. I embraced it. I sought it out.

I often found myself wondering what I hell I was thinking.

Some days it was easy and I danced in the flow of it all. Other times, well, my dad doesn’t call me stubborn without reason. 🙂 I can fight change kicking and screaming with the best of ’em.

Mostly, however, I spent a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror asking, “Okay, girl, what do you want here? And what are you going to do about it?”

One day after another chat with myself in the mirror, a phrase from Harry Potter popped into my head.

“Constant Vigilance!” (Gotta love Alastor Moody. And Harry Potter. Check out Book 4 for the uninitiated. But I digress…)

Constant vigilance, not for danger, as in the book, but for love.

Love is the constant in change.

Love is what pulls us through loss and change. Love is what has us look at ourselves and ask, “What do you want here? What are you going to do about it?”

Love is the light that carries us over the bumps and bruises of change. It’s what brings the transformation and rebirth. It’s in the easy and the fun of change. It’s in the doubts and the fears and the uncertainties. Love for what we must release. Love for what we choose to embrace.

Love is the way through change.

It doesn’t matter what form change takes. It’s all love.

And it’s all we need.

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