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Voicing the Unspeakable

This is a series dedicated to giving voice to those who...

Their Stories.


Voicing the Unspeakable.

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Voicing the Unspeakable is an online platform for people to share their stories and experiences about things that feel unspeakable – either because we have struggled to share (for a thousand different reasons) or because it’s something society wants to sweep under the rug.

Things such as but not limited to:

  • The death of children and babies
  • Grief – loss of partners, parents, siblings, and other loved ones
  • Childhood abuse (Physical, emotional, sexual)
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental Illness (parent, sibling, partner, child, self)
  • Suicide
  • PostPartum mood disorders
  • Traumatic births
  • Rape/Sexual violence
  • Medical Trauma
  • Children with illnesses
  • Addiction (self or loved one)
  • Adoption (birth parents, adoptee, adoptive parents)
  • Terminated parental rights
  • Abortion
  • Medical Illness
  • Gun Violence
  • Prejudice and Discrimination (such as: sexism, racism, homophobia, fatphobia, etc).

And countless other things that so many feel unable to speak about or acknowledge. The things that makes society feel uncomfortable and helpless and unsure.

I am certain of very few things in life. One thing I do know, however, is that sharing our stories is powerful healing medicine. I have been a therapist for more than a decade and what I have learned is that the single most valuable thing I provide is a space for my clients to give voice to the things that hurt them and help them feel heard, seen, and validated. That is where the healing starts.

When we share our stories, we begin to free ourselves from shame, depression, isolation, and a million other things that thrive in silence and secrecy.

When we hear the stories of others, and see pieces of ourselves in them, we feel less alone.

Voicing the Unspeakable is a place for you to share your stories. It’s a place to read the stories of others and discover you are not alone. It’s a collection of stories from ordinary people sharing their voice and creating extraordinary connection and healing.

It’s a place to be heard. To be seen. To be validated and acknowledged.

We all have a story to tell.

And your story matters.

(Currently accepting submissions for both guest articles and contributing writers)

Submit a Guest Piece

If you would like to submit a one-time written article or short article series (2-4 connected pieces), please follow the guidelines below and submit to

  • Aim for approximately 800 words (if it is significantly longer than 800 words, consider breaking it into a series). Must be at least 350 words.
  • Stick to one topic per individual piece – for example, if you’ve experienced both the loss of a child and addiction and want to share about both, submit 2 separate articles. If you absolutely feel they cannot be separated, email Emily to discuss prior to submission.
  • Review and edit your document for punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and general grammar prior to submitting. All submissions will be reviewed and edited prior to publication, but please submit as close to publication ready as possible.
  • Attach an image with photo credit
  • Optional, include a brief 3-4 sentence bio and bio image to be included with the article. If applicable, include links to website and ONE social media site with your bio. (You may also publish anonymously if desired)
  • Include in the email subject “VTU Submission”

Accepted pieces will be published on the magazine’s website as well as the Facebook Page and other possible social media sites.

I reserve the right to decline publication on any submissions and/or to request revisions before accepting for publication. Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response regarding acceptance.

If you would like to be considered for a regular, on-going contributing writer for Voicing the Unspeakable Magazine, please follow the guidelines below and submit to

  • Please provide 3 written pieces of writing (can be submissions to be used for this magazine) or provide a link to a blog where writing can be reviewed
  • Please list what topic area or areas you would like to write about (can use the list provided here as a reference but may also include topics not listed)
  • Provide a 1-2 paragraph bio with a headshot image as well as links to your website (if applicable) and up to 3 social media profiles.
  • Include in email subject line “VTU Contributing Writer Request”

Contributing writers will be required to contribute at least 3 written pieces every 6 months in order to remain a current contributor.

I reserve the right to decline applications to become a contributing writer for Voicing the Unspeakable. Please allow up to 4 weeks to review writing examples and respond to requests to become a contributing writer.

Opportunities coming soon.