If I had to narrow down my work in the world to a simple idea, it would be this –

My intention is to create safe spaces and platforms in which people can give voice to the unspeakable – because once the unspeakable is spoken, we can start to pick up the pieces and rediscover a life of beauty and hope and fullness. 

That is the basis of all that I do – the books and articles I write, the groups I’ve created online and in-person, one-on-one work with clients, speaking and educating on grief and loss – all of it comes down to these simple ideas:

  • Everyone deserves to be seen and their experience acknowledged
  • Each person deserves to have their story be heard
  • We all deserve to know we are not alone

I am the creator of spaces that hold eyes that see, ears that listen, and hearts that love.

By creating these safe spaces, my deepest hope is that those who enter my world are able to grieve, to heal, to grow, and to find the beauty and hope among the ruins that death and loss leave behind.

I call it life archaeology. It’s my work in this world.

I am grateful to get to do it every day.


Twice monthly inspiration to find the beauty in life, in yourself, and in every situation.

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