Ink & Paper Healing: Writing through Grief

After my fiancé and my daughter died about 15 years ago, writing saved me.

It saved my life.
It saved my heart.
It saved me from losing myself in anger and bitterness and overwhelming sorrow.
It brought me back to life again.

Writing – both my own and that of others – pulled me through the darkest time in my life and helped me see light again. It helped me rediscover myself again – who was I in this grief, after this loss? Writing helped me answer those questions.

I have found that being able to write out my grief – and my hopes and fears and things I couldn’t speak – kept me from drowning until I could remember how to swim again.

Reading what others had to say about loss and grief and life made me feel less alone. It gave me hope. Reading in general was an escape from pain and a guide back to living again.

But on my journey of writing thru grief, I scribbled and cried alone. I found my way, yet I also believe my journey could have been a little lighter had I shared it with others.

So, I want to offer to others what I couldn’t, or simply didn’t, give to myself then.

  • Love. Support. Companionship on the journey.
  • A chance to use the beauty and power of writing to find our way through grief – together. Hand in hand. Side by side.
  • 6 weeks of intentional gathering, support, connection, and writing.
  • Real connections with people who know the darkness and heaviness of grief and loss. Finding love and understanding in those dark moments of grief from those who have been there too.
  • A chance to share your voice and bring your light into the shadows of grief for yourself and others.
  • Use writing to gain a deeper understanding of your grief process and your avenues of healing.
  • Explore your unique needs and desires to sort through the ruins of grief and move toward the beauty in life after loss.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and the one(s) you’ve lost.
  • Redefine and start to create a new sense of self and life after loss through the process of putting pen to paper.

All the while being loved and supported by me – someone who has also been in the abyss of grief herself AND who has the skills and training of a counselor and writer to help guide the way through this process. Someone who can offer unique tools and individually tailored guidance for the specific areas of grief that you are struggling with – without all the professional mumbo-jumbo. Just realness, presence, and the multifaceted perspective of having both the personal and professional experience of life after loss.

The first two Ink & Paper Healing writing groups were amazing – and I miss the connections we made every week! The courage and commitment of the grieving mamas in these groups has been amazing and beautiful to witness.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

What does it look like?

  • 6 weeks starting January 14, 2018 – February 18, 2018
  • Up to 6 participants
  • Meet weekly on Sundays at Noon EST for “face to face” video group gatherings (60-90 minutes)
  • Individualized weekly writing assignments based on what’s going on for you
  • Weekly topics and themes to help guide us as needed
  • An online private FB group to connect and share and lift each other up
  • Cost: $85

Let’s get scribbling.


Join Now!

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