Interested in some one-on-one support – from anywhere in the world?

My work has shifted over the years and these days I only see a small number of folks for individual support. I want to be able to give those who are coming for individual work my focused and clear attention – that means it has to be the right fit and it is almost always related to grief/loss or trauma.

If a curse-happy, Harry Potter-obsessed, no sugar-coating, fiercely loving, and compassionate Life Archaeologist (formerly referred to as a counselor and/or therapist) is what you’re looking for, well then, do get in touch! 🙂

I see my beautiful 1-1 clients via FaceTime or Skype for about 50 minutes weekly or bi-weekly. A session fee is $100, due at the time of scheduling to confirm your appointment.

I am looking into opening a small once a week practice in-person in the Burlington VT area. If interested in getting on a waiting list for this, please email at the address below!

For more info and to see if we’re a good fit, drop me an email at emilylong01 (at) gmail (dot) com.



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