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You are not broken

wholenessThis is what I want to say- and often do – to my clients (especially my teenagers).  I share it now as an open letter to all who need to hear it.

Dear Beautifuls:

I am speaking to you – yes, you. The very you reading this.

You are not broken.
You are not damaged.
You are not bad.

It does not matter what has happened to you. It does not matter what you may have done. It does not matter what you think about doing.

You matter.
You are valuable.
You are important to the world.

Forget all the lies you have been told about how wrong, weird, broken, defective, sick or damaged you are.

They were all lies.

You are perfect and whole and valuable and precious exactly as you are. Yes, exactly as you are right now.

Nothing and no one can every change that.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you are anything less than brilliant and precious.

Diagnosed with a mental illness?

Let me tell you a little secret – mental illness diagnoses are simply a description of behaviors. When the behaviors change? Poof. Diagnosis gone.

There is nothing wrong with you.

If you feel broken, damaged, bad, or wrong in any way – find someone to talk to and let your pain out.

Don’t trust anyone you know to talk with? Find someone you don’t know.

Can’t find someone you don’t know to talk with? Call a helpline.

Can’t call a helpline? Write, journal, sing, dance, run, paint, scream, cook – find anyway you can to express your pain out.

You deserve the joy and freedom of being you in a life you love.

You are perfect.
You are whole.
You matter.


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